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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Drafting Your Wills Today

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Drafting Your Wills Today

Life full of uncertainties. One day can be all fine and dandy, but no one knows what exactly the future holds. As much as you can prepare for various events in your life through documents like insurance policies and other ways to secure your future, anything can happen. This risk might seem quite negative, but there are different ways you can leave a better life for your family. 

If you’ve amassed a fortune over time and have generated plenty of assets through the years, you might be wondering what the next step is. If anything happens to you (knock on wood!), you’ll want to be prepared for the worst. You’ve probably seen dramas on TV shows that have the family fighting over the untimely death of a loved one who died without taking the necessary precautions. To avoid this, you’ll want to invest in Wills and estate planning to streamline the process if post-mortem. 

Why You Need a Will

Wills are basically the way you speak beyond the grave. If you die, there is no way to express your interests about where you want your assets and money to go, which causes fights amongst family members. If you want a peaceful life for your loved ones, Ottawa Will lawyers will help draft the right documents that will be quickly recognized after your passing. Here are three reasons why you need to start crafting your Wills and estate planning procedures today:

  • The “Perfect Time” Does Not Exist

While you might think that you need to wait for the perfect time after amassing a fortune, this is not a good idea. As mentioned earlier, life is uncertain. Having wills readily available is the best way to go, and revisiting it every so often can be the way to factor in other gained assets. Even if some of your wealth is left out of the picture when you pass, it’s better than not having a document to state what you want to do with assets. 

  • It’s More Than Your Own Interests

Your assets and wealth might be the ones involved in the crafting of your Wills and estate planning, but it is more than what it seems. In fact, creating your will is where you choose what you want to leave your loved ones behind. These can be your gifts to them in the event anything happens to you or your health. It also ensures that your family members are given the right resources to be taken care of in your absence. You’ll also set someone to take care of you if you lose brain or bodily functionality due to diseases or accidents. 

  • It’s Really Not Scary

Death might be the topic of a Will, but it’s never terrifying. The concept of mortality is a fact of life, and accepting that it can happen means taking the right steps to ensure the smoothness of the process for your family when it comes. With a good team of lawyers to ensure that nothing gets left out and they file everything appropriately, this can save your family from plenty of difficulties in any series of unfortunate events. The Canadian government has made the process hassle-free, so anyone can start writing their Wills and estate planning documents in an instant. 


Wills and estate planning is a topic that not many people understand to be urgent. It can even be done at any age, as passing on without setting the parameters for your family or loved ones can be the source of various conflicts and damaged relationships. It is a speedy process with the right team of lawyers and professionals, so there is nothing to fear about writing your requests post-mortem. 

Ontario Wills is home to the best Ottawa Will lawyers who can assist with various legal services. Whether you need to write and file your Wills or craft an estate planning process, we can help you. Contact us today to learn more about safeguarding your future!


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