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Power of Attorney in Ontario: Safeguarding Your Future with a Trusted Decision-Maker

Estate planning is an essential aspect of life that safeguards your financial well-being and ensures that your property or assets are managed and distributed according to your desires. One vital yet often overlooked component of estate planning is the power of attorney (POA). 

A POA is a legal document that allows you to appoint a trusted individual, the “attorney,” to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapable of managing your personal affairs. Understanding the POA’s importance and having a well-drafted POA is crucial to ensuring your wishes are respected, and your best interests are protected. 

That’s where Ontario Wills comes in. Our experienced Ontario lawyers will guide you through each step involved in creating a secure and legally binding POA.

Types of Power of Attorney in Ontario

1. General Power of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney (GPA) allows you to appoint an attorney with broad powers to manage your financial affairs. This type of POA is operative when you’re mentally capable but unavailable or unwilling to manage your property or assets. 

An example of a situation where a GPA might be useful is if you’re temporarily out of the country and need someone else to take care of your financial matters during your absence. A key aspect of a GPA is that it becomes invalid if you become mentally incapable.

2. Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

A Continuing Power of Attorney for Property (CPOA) is a more common option used in estate planning. This type of POA covers your financial and legal affairs in the event you become mentally incapable. It permits an attorney to continue making decisions on your behalf and ensures that your property and assets remain well-managed. It’s crucial to have a qualified professional draft your CPOA, as the law sets out specific requirements for its validity.

3. Power of Attorney for Personal Care

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care (POAPC) comes into effect if you become mentally incapable and unable to make decisions regarding your health, medical treatments, or long-term care. This POA gives your attorney the authority to handle personal care decisions on your behalf. It’s important to choose someone you trust to make choices about your health and well-being, keeping your values and beliefs in mind.

Selecting Your Attorney: Factors to Consider

1. Trust and Reliability

When choosing your attorney, it’s essential to pick someone you trust to act in your best interest. This person should be reliable, dependable, and capable of making responsible decisions. It could be a family member, a close friend, or even a professional, such as a lawyer or an accountant.

2. Financial Acumen

Consider selecting an attorney with strong financial acumen if the appointed person is responsible for managing your property and assets. This individual should understand financial matters well to make sound decisions and protect your interests.

3. Willingness to Act

It’s crucial to discuss your intentions with your chosen attorney and ensure they are willing to take on the responsibilities associated with their role. Confirm that they understand the legal requirements of the position and are comfortable taking on the tasks involved.

Seeking Professional Legal Advice to Draft Your POA

Drafting a POA is an essential component of estate planning that requires careful thought and attention to detail. It’s always advisable to seek professional legal advice to ensure your POA is properly drafted and adheres to the rules and regulations set out by Ontario law. Our experienced lawyers at Ontario Wills are well-equipped to help you create a secure and legally binding POA tailored to your needs.


Establishing a power of attorney is vital for your estate planning and can provide peace of mind knowing that your personal affairs will be in good hands if you become incapable of making decisions for yourself. 

The different types of POAs cater to various circumstances, so it’s essential to choose the one that best fits your situation. With our professional guidance at Ontario Wills, you can plan for the future while minimizing the risks and complexities of having a POA. Get in touch with our estate planning attorney for more information. 

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