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The Real Deal On Wills: Why Many People Avoid Writing It

The Real Deal on Wills: Why Many People Avoid Writing It

One of the most important legal documents you need to take care of while you’re alive is your will. A will allows you to decide what you’ll do with your assets and your children when you die, so the gravity it all makes it worth setting aside your discomfort of talking about your future. 

Think of it this way — your will serves as a written document that speaks for you after your death. It’s the only way lawyers and your loved ones will understand how your property and assets will be distributed, who your children’s guardian would be, and you can even leave instructions for funeral arrangements. 

Some people work with a reputable will and estate lawyer to ensure that everything is covered, you’re not leaving anything out, and that you get the best legal support during the process. 

Seeing that it’s a vital document, why is it that many Canadians have not made a will? Even if it’s an easy process and doesn’t cost too much, what’s stopping some people from writing up a will?

1. Putting It Off For Tomorrow

Many of us lead a busy lifestyle, and since writing wills doesn’t seem like an urgent task, people can easily put writing one off until tomorrow. And when you do that, you can easily get distracted by many things in the modern world, which makes it easy for you to forget to write one again in the first place. 

Additionally, younger people — those in their twenties and thirties — may think that their final days are further away into the future. However, you should know that the unexpected can happen, and it’s always best to have a will — no matter your age.

2. Not Wanting To Look At Mortality In The Eye

Death, until now, is still an incredibly taboo subject and many people generally avoid the topic altogether. Because you can’t seem to face the possibility of death, writing a will can be complicated. 

Many people think that you’re “inviting death” when you’re writing a will. This perception alters the importance of writing a will and may cause more problems down the line. Remember — making a will isn’t about facing the inevitable; in fact, you’re taking care of your loved ones and supporting them even after your death.

3. Thinking Writing A Will Costs A Lot Of Money

Many have a common misconception that writing a will may take loads from their bank account. This only happens when you complicate the process and hire unnecessary services to do the job for you. 

You’ll be happy to know that you can hire a credible will and estate lawyer in Kanata who can quickly help you create your will while considering your financial health. Besides that, they’ll be able to guide you through the whole process, eliminating errors and unnecessary expenses. 

The Bottom Line: Writing a Will Isn’t Scary, So Stop Being Afraid of It

It’s natural to feel the hibbie jibbies when you think about your own mortality. However, you need to separate what you think about death and start making your will. Besides, your will isn’t for you — it’s for the people you’ll leave behind when you transition, giving them peace of mind by ensuring that everything is still in order even when you’re gone. 

If you still find it troubling to write your own will, it’s essential to work with a credible will and estate lawyer who can guide you through the whole process. 

How Can Ontario Wills Help You?

Wills can be an incredibly touchy subject, and if you can avoid it, you most probably will. However, with the help of Ontario Wills, writing up a legal document about how to protect your loved ones after your death is much easier. 

Ontario Wills recognizes that each client has different circumstances and solutions, steering away from a one-size-fits-all approach. With our help, you get a professional review and a comprehensive estate plan that will require your needs at an affordable price. Start writing your will with our will and estate lawyers today!

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