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7 Reasons Why You Need To Draft A Will Right Now

7 Reasons Why You Need to Draft a Will Right Now

There are many reasons why you should have a will. Without one, you cannot choose who will receive your property when you die, and the state you live in will determine how it is divided. A will is an important document that should be written to help your heirs and to prevent confusion and unnecessary probate. A will is not too expensive to write, but it is too expensive to not have. Let’s look at the many reasons why you should write a will.

1. Decide Who Will Administer Your Estate

First, you can choose who will manage your estate. Your will can name the people who will help you, or your executor, who will be responsible for making sure that your wishes are carried out. You can give your executor a lot of power and make sure that your will is carried out without any problems. This is also a way to make sure that your property does not go into probate court and is distributed to your heirs quickly.

2. Protect Your Children

If you have children, you can make sure that they are protected through a will. You can choose who your children will live with, who will take care of them, and who will be their guardian. This way, you can make sure that you are not just leaving your children to the state or to someone you do not know.

3. Provide Family Members with Support

Another reason to have a will is to provide for your family members. You can make sure that you are taking care of them and that they are taken care of if something were to happen to you. You can leave money or property to family members that you care about and make sure that they are cared for.

4. Avoid Probate

Writing a will can also help you avoid probate court. If you have a will, the property will be given to the people you would like to have it. Without a will, the government will distribute your property however they see fit. With a will, you can make sure that your property is distributed in the way that you want.

5. Define Final Gifts

You can also decide who will be given final gifts. These are special gifts that you leave behind for specific people. You can leave money to people, or you can leave other things. For example, if you have a family heirloom that you want to give to your children, you can leave it to them in your will.

6. Control Funeral Arrangements

You can also name someone to carry out your final wishes. This may include funeral arrangements, deciding who will sing or what church you would like to have at your service, or where you would like to be buried or cremated. You get to make all of these decisions in your will and make sure that your final wishes are carried out.

7. Make Sure Your Property Is Kept Safe

If you have a will that is well-written, you can make sure that your property is kept safe until your family members can take it. You can make sure that it is protected from fires, theft, and other disasters that can happen.


It is imperative to have a will and keep your loved ones taken care of when you pass away. You can make sure that your family is cared for and that your wishes are carried out, and you can avoid probate court. So, make the decision as early as now and put your will down on paper.

If you need assistance writing a will or drafting one to suit your specific needs, it’s essential to work with an estate planning lawyer who is comfortable with your particular circumstances and can provide counsel and make sure your will is done correctly. Ontario Wills & Estate Plans are here to provide you with just the kind of services you need. We offer a full range of legal services to support you in making sensible, useful and valuable plans for your future. Contact Ontario Wills & Estate Plans today to get started.

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