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Blended family = spouses who are not parents of the same children

If your current spouse is not the parent of your children your estate plan requires special care.

A simple or basic will for a blended family often causes a disaster.

The presumption is that if you give your estate to your spouse, they can can do with it as they please after you are gone.  They can make a new will.  They can sell your house.  They can remarry.

Ultimately, they can leave their entire estate (which includes what they inherited from you) to a new spouse or their children and leave none to your children.

If you want to provide for your spouse while also ensuring that your children inherit from your estate, then you need a basic will is likely to cause a very expensive mistake.

We help provide proper wills for blended families.  We guide you to an estate plan that meets your goals, avoids disputes, and leaves the most positive legacy.

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