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If your family situation is simple, a simple will may be all that you need.

Here are two low cost online solutions to consider.

Basic, simple wills work best if –

  • You intend to give your entire estate to your spouse if they survive you, and your children equally if your spouse has predeceased
  • Your spouse is also the parent of all of your children
  • None of the beneficiaries (spouse or children) is disabled
  • You are not estranged from any of your children
  • You do not own any property outside Ontario
  • You do not own a business or shares in a private corporation
  • All beneficiary designations (TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, life insurance) are in favour of your spouse or your estate (not a child or other person)
  • Your house and bank accounts are owned either solely by you or jointly with your spouse (no joint ownership with a child or person not your spouse)

If these do not all apply, consult us.

For very basic, simple wills we recommend that you consult a local lawyer or try one of the online services WILLFUL or LEGALWILLS.CA:

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