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Special needs, special plans

If you have a loved one (usually a spouse or child) with special needs, a properly crafted estate plan is crucial.

The best plan will depend on many factors including –

  • your financial resources
  • your age
  • the detailed circumstances of the special needs beneficiary including their financial needs and resources, their abilities and aspirations, their age, and the non-financial support that they can or will receive from public sources and family support
  • your plans for all of your other beneficiaries and dependents
  • income tax considerations for now and in the future.

We recognize that each beneficiary is unique, and we understand that your estate plan must vary depending on the circumstances, abilities and needs of all of your loved ones.  We have experience preparing plans for beneficiaries with special needs arising from –

  • Cognitive challenges, including dementia
  • Mental health issues
  • Spending control challenges (spendthrift beneficiaries)
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical challenges, from modest to severe
  • Chronic illness and progressive illness
  • Ontario disability support payments (ODSP)
  • Canada Pension Plan disability payments
  • Registered disability support plans
  • Spouses and children of their own


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