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You have questions.  We provide peace of mind.

We offer a unique service to answer your questions quickly and with price certainty.

If you want advice on:

  • Whether you need to update your will?
  • Whether your prior will remains valid and effective?
  • The impact of a death or divorce on your estate?
  • How your house will pass on your death, or whether you should change ownership of your home?
  • Whether your RRSP beneficiary designations are correct?
  • How to give your TFSA to your children or grandchildren?
  • How to minimize probate and estate taxes?
  • How to ensure your estate is administered as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

We can help.

We know what it is like to simply want answers from an experienced lawyer without necessarily re-doing your will.

We offer a ‘review and advice’ service for a fixed fee of $275 + HST.

You complete the form below, and detail your questions.  You upload any documents that you want us to review (your will, home ownership etc. ).

We will review the documents, and then provide a consultation by video conference (max 1 hour) to answer your questions and provide advice and recommendations.   No need to leave your home – no issues with parking or social distancing.

We will recommend the best solution for you – from doing nothing, to using an ‘online will kit’, to changing beneficiary designations or home ownership, or a complete re-do of your estate plan.

There will be no obligation to purchase any further services of any kind from us.

We will credit the fees of this service against the cost any estate plan provided by us within 60 days.

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